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My name is Moshood Adinoyi. I major in Energy and Power Systems.

My interest in energy has been because of the simple fact that our lives are all about energy. We can’t do without it.

This interest kept growing to a point where I decided to focus on electrical energy, and this led me to studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the university.

Unfortunately, in my first three years, I wasn’t getting the needed practical knowledge. But, during my internship with a Power generation company, where I served more as a power system maintenance engineer, I started getting a hang of how those theories relate to the practicals.

The internship came as a great bridge for me. Many undergraduates do not have such opportunities during their course of study. So, I thought of how I could help in my own little way. Blogging about energy and power systems came to mind, but I wasn’t convinced it would help.

After graduation from the university, I educated science students in Physics and Mathematics, as part of compulsory service to my country. In the course of educating them, I observed that many had very limited knowledge of energy and power systems because the resources available to them weren’t broad or comprehensive enough. This I thought was a problem around most schools in the country. How could I help? start a blog? I didn’t think so.

As time went by, I started getting involved in the design and installation of solar-powered systems. Then, it occurred to me that energy usage is fast evolving and lots of people (especially undergraduates whose course of study relates to energy and power systems) may have been limited to the knowledge and not get acquainted with recent happenings in the world of energy (especially in renewable energy).

So, I thought to myself, with my experience in power systems and continuous research on energy, would my blogging about energy and power help the knowledge seekers in my country and even around the world? It sounded like a good idea.

it is in this vein that I started Energy clime in September 2019 to inspire and provide you with information relating to Energy and Power systems.

Energy clime isn’t just a name. It represents a clime (medium) where you can read about energy-related information

In the spirit of saving energy, I also explore how you can use energy more efficiently and conservatively. So, at the right time, such content will be added to this site.

Should you have any suggestion or want to contribute to this site, you can contact me via [email protected]

Thank you for visiting this site, and do have a good read